Workplace Benefits

Common Workplace Benefits

Workplace benefits are an important draw to any job. It is common for employee workplace benefits to attract some of the best workers. When you start a job the benefits are generally not immediately available. The date that those benefits start varies depending on the employer. The benefits available vary by employers as well, but here are some of the most common workplace benefits.

Disability Insurance

Disability coverage provides you with an income if you are hurt or otherwise unable to work due to a medical problem. The disability can be physical or psychological. The benefits will support you until you can return to work or the benefits run out.

Long-Term Care Coverage

Long-term coverage is for employees who are unable to complete daily living tasks. This type of policy pays for medical care that might not be covered by medical insurance. This includes at-home nursing care and more.

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance is a policy that pays a benefit if you experience an accident. You can use the benefit to pay hospital bills, for medications, and other expenses related to your injury.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness coverage pays a benefit if you become stricken with a critical illness, such as cancer. Other conditions like HIV and stroke fall under the list of illnesses that qualify. You will receive a lump sum distribution after you are officially diagnosed with the critical illness. You will also have to survive for a specific time before the benefit is paid.

Life Insurance

Life insurance pays a benefit to your beneficiary should you pass away. There are several forms of life insurance, and you can choose which one is best for you. The money can cover your funeral expenses, hospital bills and any other expenses.

Speak with your employer about benefits that are available.