Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Sometimes your existing insurance coverage is not enough for your needs. Should you face a lawsuit, it is possible your existing liability will not be enough. You cannot return to the insurance office and get more coverage when you are facing a lawsuit. At that point it is too late to increase your coverage. The purpose of umbrella insurance is to provide extra money when you need it.

How it Works

An umbrella policy adds extra liability in increments of $1 million for bodily injury or property damage. It is for when you might have to pay damages following a lawsuit. Umbrella coverage usually starts at $1 million, and most insurance companies will insure up to $5 million. Your cost for this coverage will depend on the insurance provider and your history. This coverage can work with any existing liability coverage that you have.


Your entire family should be covered under an umbrella insurance policy. Each provider has its own exclusions, so learn what your provider excludes. This policy is especially important if you have several expensive assets you could lose should you face a lawsuit. Speak with an insurance agent to see if umbrella insurance is something you should consider.