Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational Vehicle Insurance Explained

Recreational vehicles are vehicles used for recreational purposes. They are sometimes referred to as RVs. Recreational vehicle insurance is like auto insurance, except it is only for RVs. You may have coverage for your other vehicles, but you also need coverage for recreational vehicle.


Policies for RVs are available in numerous types. But there are some things all policies have in common, no matter the insurance company. For instance, liability protects you against any property damages and bodily injury expenses incurred as a result of an accident you cause. Comprehensive assists you with expenses in case the RV is damaged as a result of non-collision related incidents. Collision helps with replacement or repairs of the vehicle following a collision.

Vacation coverage helps if you hurt someone or damage their property while using your RV for vacation. Roadside help is a plan that helps if you get stuck on the road because of mechanical issues.

Recreational vehicles are generally expensive, so it makes sense to protect your investment. You could lose a lot of money if anything happened to your RV and you have no insurance. Speak with an insurance agent to learn more about RV insurance. You can also find information online for an idea of what type of coverage you need.